Details and Terms of The New Hosting Facility!

In this video we discuss the terms for the new hosting facility that we opened with our partners. It is now fully operational and ready to receive up to 1000 miners.
You can book space for your miners on this link:
As mentioned in our previous video new hosting facility is also located in TFZ which means that you don’t pay VAT when you send your miners there.
We have a deal with antpool to have a private pool which allows us to earn 5-7% more compared to regular pools.
The price for hosting is 20% of Net Profits which means that after the electricity cost is deducted the fee is 20% of the reminder profit. For example
if S9 earns 350$ per month, electricity cost in TFZ will be 57$, so the hosting fee will be 20% of 293$ which is roughly 60$. We do not charge any extra instalation fees
or any other hidden costs.

For any additional questions you can contact us at or go to our website and fill the form:

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